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This is the way we ALWAYS do it...Family Traditions and Rituals. This workshop provides the opportunity to examine the role of holiday traditions in your family as well as the day-to-day rituals that comprise our calendar days.

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Six Steps to a New YOU! As women, we are always looking for a “New and Improved” angle! This teaching presents six ways to change your life from the inside out.

Give me a Break! “Remember the Sabbath” is on the same list as do not murder or commit adultery. Find out why this is so important and learn ways women in each season of life can discover the life giving practice of resting one day in seven.

Everyday Chaplain. Living out WHO we are WHERE we are is the theme of this talk as we learn to let our light shine in everyday places and spread the fragrance of Christ in our daily round.

Homemade Memories. Ten fun ways to shape and tell your family story. One of these ten ways, making a memory box, was featured in an article Letitia wrote for FAMILYFUN magazine.

Joy for the Journey. This fun hour-long workshop presents 12 essential items we need for our journey as moms from “Don’t forget the guidebook” to “Enjoy the sights along the way.”

Quick & Powerful Ways to Pray for your Kids. Moms want to be praying for their kids but often don’t know how to start. This teaching presents a variety of ways to creatively and effectively pray for your kids and the opportunity to develop your own plan during the workshop.


For Retreats:

Rhythms of Renewal. Principles of renewal and restoration for women who seek to be spiritually refreshed in all areas of their lives. Based on Letitia’s book by the same title.

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Hope for All Women, Hope for All Seasons (sometimes team taught with Pat Dinges) Topics include:

  • A Woman for All Seasons: The essential plan for our lives stays the same with different expressions throughout each season.
  • In the Company of Women:  God uses our friendships for our enjoyment, healing and recovery yet they can also be complicated.
  • Living a Life of Legacy: Living an intentional life.
  • Also includes optional workshops on Married Sexuality, Sabbath and Simplicity.


For Special Events:

Opening the Advent Door: It's never too soon to think about what you really want for Christmas! In spite of our carefully thought out lists, most of us want about the same things...warm memories, treasured traditions, high hopes and to live in the truth of, "Don't be Afraid" like the angel told Mary. While these gifts can't be found in stores or online, they can be yours when you Open the Advent Door! This 30-45 minute presentation is ideal for a Christmas event such as a brunch, luncheon or tea.

Holiday Planning: What do you really want your holidays to look like? How can you organize the tasks and keep it fun? How can you design your celebrating to accommodate your budget and time constraints? What family traditions would you like to start? This workshop can last from one to four hours and is available for your church, community, in-home or over the phone through a bridgeline group.

How to be the Wife you Always Wanted to Be: Rediscover all the hopes and dreams you had as a bride and learn new ways to fall in love all over again. Ideal around Valentine’s Day!


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